Build your perfect packing station

If you ship products from your own location with Shopify, then Scanpacker can dramatically streamline your packing and shipping process. You will eliminate mistakes with a fully barcoded pick and pack process, save time by purchasing shipping labels at the time of fulfillment, and reduce worker fatigue with a hands-free workflow that eliminates redundant clicks.

Eliminate packing mistakes

Confirm each packed item with a barcode scan. Avoid the cost of reposting mispacked orders while improving overall customer satisfaction.

Save time and clicks

Reducing repetitive asks and automating operations such as document printing saves time and reduces worker fatigue.

Barcode printing

Print high-quality and customisable barcode labels for products that don't already have them.

Shipping label purchasing

Purchase shipping labels at the time of packing. Print to your label printer automatically with no user-intervention required.

Automated document printing

Print packing slips, invoices and any other document automatically as you work through your orders.

USB scale integration

Weigh your parcels with scales connected directly to Scanpacker's scanning and shipping interface. No keyboard entry required.